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General Questions

Written by Ben Dragon
Things you always wanted to know the answers to, but the media keeps playing games with. Some of these are common sense, others are not quite so easily answered.


Q. Is there any such thing as Extraterrestrials?

A. No. It's all there to screw with your head and to prepare you for a great con.


Q. Do UFOs exist?

A. Yes. This term is one commonly used in the aviation industry to denote a plane who's identity is unknown. It is not a big thing. And frankly, any flying vehicle that you do not know the identity of can rightly be classified as unidentified or as a UFO.


Q. Are there wingless flying vehicles?

A. While I've never seen one the most likely answer based on research and basic knowledge is yes.

The military has always kept their best craft secret from the public. The only time that they acknowledge their latest toy is when they have replaced it with one better that they will not tell you about.

(Frankly, the only time the military gives the public any technology, is when it has become obsolete to them. Think about that... obsolete!)

Winged flight is a very old technology. Levitation of various sorts has been around for as long as there has been electricity and we've all seen some form of it on TV. The only real question is; Has it been refined to such a degree that it can be used for controlled flight in a wingless vehicle?

Again, the likely answer, given todays sophistication of control mechanisms and the present refinement of electronic knowledge, seem to be a clear yes.


Q. Is there such a thing as anti-gravity?

A. To my personal knowledge; No.

However, there are many articles printed in newspapers and magazines over the years that state out and out that the military have had major research programs into anti-gravity in the past. When these types of projects suddenly disappear from sight it makes me highly suspicious.

Do your own research.


Q. Are we lied to often by those that rule us?

A. Upon major research and much thought it is clear that virtually everything that is given to us by any division of the government, (including military, media, politicians & education), is a lie.


Q. Why would they do this?

A. Why do you think? They are the masters, we are the slaves.. The sooner you realize that, the better off our futures will become.


Q. How is this possible?

A. You fell asleep at the wheel, TV, newspaper, computer or in class. Why would any sane adult give the raising and education of their children over to a group of people who they do not know and to a system that they have no say in the running or the content of?

This is a recipe for instant disaster. This world is full of corrupt politicians as is our past and any real history book will show this. Ask yourself; What has happened to stop this from happening today? Nothing. You must be forever vigilent. and we have not been.


Q. When will the cavalry come to save us?

A. Never. This is an illusion heavily propagated by the media and movies to make you sit on your hands, waiting for someone to come and do your dirty work for you, that will NEVER come. If you want something changed for the better DO IT YOURSELF. Or suffer the consequences of your personal weakness. In other words: "get a pair".


Thank you for visiting and I hope you found this website of value to you personally.

Last Updated Saturday, 23 August 2008


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