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How To Use This Site

Written by Ben Dragon

This website delivers the full news article for its users to read. Displayed in the center frame are the Headlines of those articles.

These Headlines are displayed in three ways. Two of the most recent additions are displayed at the top of the center frame.

Below that are listed the newest after those and more on the following pages accessed through the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.

Older articles are archived and can be searched for via the "Search" window at the top right for a basic search, or via the left menu via the "Advanced Search" function for registered users, (free).

Or you can access them directly via the left menu and selecting "Articles" for news gathered from around the Internet or Editorials, Biographies, etc., as you please. Read more on this below.

Note: All text written in green at the end of news articles are the editor's, (web master's), notes and not the writer of the article.

Q. How do I read the full article?

A. Click on the Headline of that article that you wish to read.

You can also see the rest of the article by clicking on the icon associated with the headline.

Q. I did that but I did not see anything change and I still cannot read the full article.

A. Once you have clicked on the Headline that you want to read the full text is then displayed at the bottom of the center pane.

Q. I understand that there are many, many articles on this website, but I only see a few. Where are the rest?

A. It is only possible to display so many articles on the front page at a time. The more displayed, the more confusing it is to the users.

In order to relieve this, only the most recent news items are displayed on the main screen. The rest can be accessed by clicking on a selection in the Main Menu under "HOME".

The vast majority of news items is located under the heading "ARTICLES"

However, the other selections also contain news items.

The selections that are CAPITALIZED have sub-sections that are viewable once the selection is clicked.

Q. How do I find the website that an article originally appeared on?

A. At the bottom of the full news article there is a direct link to it.

Q. Where are the articles written by the website authors?

A. They are all posted under the section "Editorials".

Q. How often is this site updated.

A. Often every day, but always several times a week.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you found this website of value to you personally.

Last Updated Thursday, 04 February 2010


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