• Arcane/Occ ( 13 items)

    Arcane, esoteric, hidden, occult and mystery mean all the same thing. Here you'll find all that we have made available... for now.

  • Big Brother ( 140 items)

    All things related to how Big Brother "spies" on, or "watches" you.

  • Chem/Bio ( 39 items)

    All things to do with biologics, chemicals and genetics.

  • Dehumanization ( 46 items)

    All things that degrade the status of a human or humanity.

  • Ecological ( 68 items)
    All things ecological from climate to pollution.
  • Economics ( 19 items)
    Everything to do with the empowering/enslaving system of the corrupt that presume to rule us.
  • Education ( 10 items)
    All things on education and on squaring the ashlar.
  • Enlightenment ( 1 items)

    All things related to Spirituality and Enlightnment.

  • Eugenics - elites killing the poor ( 79 items)

    The elite's business of killing people who are inferior. It's been around for thousands of years. They're big, powerful, highly influential, and there have never been more of them.

  • Food/Water ( 24 items)

    All things that we consume.

  • Fraternities ( 2 items)

    Brotherhoods, societies, organizations, foundations, you name it.

  • General ( 31 items)

    Look here for non-categorized news.

  • Medical ( 10 items)

    All things related directly to hospital/doctor contact with humans.

  • NWO ( 110 items)

    The New World Order is coming. George Bush Sr. said it plainly and openly for all of us to hear. If it falls under ther agenda, then it belongs here.

  • Pharmacology ( 8 items)
    Everything drug related, legal or otherwise.
  • Police State ( 100 items)

    You MUST obey!

  • Protests ( 5 items)

    Protesting, riots and all active, human defensive situations.

  • Psychology ( 42 items)

    All things related to the mind.

  • Social Engineering ( 54 items)

    Do you think that society is shaped by forces of nature? Think again.

  • Symbology ( 1 items)

    All things symbolic.

  • Vaccination and Fluoridation ( 69 items)

    All things on vaccinations and fluoridation and all things like it.


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